The School of Strategic Training, organised by the National Academy of Civil Service, the High School of Public Governance and the SURGe project “Support to Government Reforms in Ukraine” (Canada), continues.

26.07 2023

On 26 July, within the framework of Module 5, the Project UA platform was presented. The training on this module was opened by Nataliia Alyushyna, Head of the National Agency, and in her speech she stressed the relevance and necessity of implementing Project UA platform tools in the work of central authorities. SURGe Project and Programme Manager Yevhen Mashyna spoke about the purpose and benefits of using the system, and demonstrated its operation on the example of the NAUCS Action Plan for 2023/2024 and the implementation plan for the National Strategy for Creating a Barrier-Free Space in Ukraine until 2030.

It is worth reminding that the goal of the School of Strategic Training is to form a modern managerial outlook through the acquisition of knowledge and skills in developing strategies for the development of the object of management in the context of globalisation, European integration, post-war reconstruction and management decision-making in various spheres of public life.