Программа обучения


To improve the professional competence of public servants for the good governance at the local and regional levels.


1. Analyze individual needs for professional development of the heads of local state administrations, their first deputies and deputies, local self-government officials, and local council members.

2. Development of professional training programs and organization of training for students in accordance with their individual professional development needs.

3. Developing programs and organizing training for the heads of local state administrations, their first and second deputies, and local council members.

4. Development and actualization of general/special professional (certificate) programs and general/special short-term training programs for local government officials on specific issues of activity during martial law and the restoration of Ukraine (local budgets, social services, education, healthcare, culture, environment, security, energy efficiency, etc.)

5. Developing the concept and organizing the activities of the School of Stewardship.

6. Development of the concept and organization of the ASC Development School.

7. Establishment of a professional coworking space "Community Development Workshop" (exchange of experience and practices for representatives of local self-government bodies).

8. Building an expert and communication network to ensure cooperation with local government associations.

SATYR Inna – Deputy Head of the Center

Телефон +38 044 223 49 28

E-mail: region_center@hs.gov.ua