Программа обучения


Using digital technologies to improve partnerships between the subjects of the educational environment of the Higher School, modernizing the content and forms of education.


1. Development, testing and implementation of an innovative learning platform for hosting interactive content and ensuring the availability of training materials in real time.

2. Development, testing and implementation of online training simulators to enhance the practice-oriented learning.

3. Use of specialized social networks, marketplaces, open educational resource collections, platforms for mass online courses.

4. Exploring the possibility of using cloud-based educational process management systems.

5. Development of electronic manuals, educational audio and video materials, tests, online courses.

6. Diversification of communication tools to ensure the quality of the educational process.

7. Launching and supporting an electronic library (repository of educational and teaching materials).

8. Developing the practice of using gamification and simulation in the educational process.

9. Promoting the implementation of quest technologies in the educational process.

KUKH Serhii – Head of the Center

Телефон: +38 044 223 49 20

E-mail: digitization_centre@hs.gov.ua