Программа обучения


Improving the level of proficiency of public servants in a foreign language (English, French) as a means of communication and acquiring professional foreign language competence for successful professional activities.


1. Reformatting the existing advanced training programmes for civil servants "Foreign Language in Public Administration (English and French). Reduction of the programme period to 6-12 months.

2. Ensuring conditions for students to improve their foreign language skills by one level (from A2 to B1 and from B1 to B2) in one year under the new programme.

3. Converting into a modern IT format the manuals for the general professional (certificate) training programme for civil servants "Foreign Language in Public Administration" (English, French) and the short-term programme "Public Policy" (English). Expanding opportunities for individual work on tasks.

4. Creating an English-Ukrainian thematic mini-dictionary of public administration. Providing students with opportunities for individual work on learning vocabulary material within the framework of the civil servants' advanced training programme "Foreign Language in Public Administration". Expanding opportunities for self-education and individual processing of English-language information in the field of public administration.

5. Organisation of international events to expand opportunities for communication between civil servants and native speakers of a foreign language (English, French) on professional issues using modern information technologies.

6. Implementation of innovative methods of learning a foreign language (workshops, speak clubs, language learning through watching films, documentaries, Internet resources, foreign language open lectures by public figures, social projects, etc.

7. Ensuring that civil servants improve their foreign language skills in cooperation with Education First (EF). 8. Developing forms and assignments for testing the level of proficiency in a foreign language that is one of the official languages of the Council of Europe of candidates for civil service positions of category A, conducted by the Commission on Senior Civil Service (if necessary).

TYMOSHCHUK Iryna - Head of the Center

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E-mail: language.stady_centre@hs.gov.ua