Программа обучения


Developing the professional competences of public servants in the implementation of modern technologies and innovative tools in the public administration system.


1. To improve the skills of civil servants and local government officials in personnel management.

2. Development of programmes and organisation of advanced training for members of competition commissions for the selection of persons for civil service and local self-government positions.

3. Professional development of civil servants, including employees of ministries, central executive authorities and other state bodies with jurisdiction over the entire territory of Ukraine, and employees of their territorial bodies (if any) in accordance with the classification of civil service positions.

4. Development of programmes and organisation of training for civil servants in accordance with certain position classes.

5. Development of programmes and organisation of training under short-term professional development programmes for civil servants and local self-government officials on the implementation of the mentoring system.

6. Organise and conduct strategic sessions, seminars on strategic planning and analysis of public policy, and other communication events to share experience, professional knowledge, skills and abilities for politically exposed persons, civil servants of category A, heads of local state administrations, their first and second deputies.

7. Creation of professional communities to ensure interaction, cooperation, exchange of experience, ideas and effective professional cases between employees of various state and local government bodies (telegram channels, discussion clubs, training activities)

MEDVED Alina - Deputy Head of the Center

Телефон +38 044 223 49 30

E-mail: innovations_center@hs.gov.ua