The first 100 people passed the exam at the High School for proficiency in the state language

06.10 2023

According Center for Evaluating applicants for public service positions, which operates as part of the High School of Public Governance under the NAUCS, 65 of these 100 people are women and 35 are men.

Such exams have been held at the Assessment Centre every Tuesday and Thursday since 4 September, when the National Commission for State Language Standards (NCSS) designated the High School of Public Administration as one of the official platforms for determining the level of proficiency in the state language.

We remind you that all information on registration and passing the exam is available on the official website of the School of Public Administration in the relevant section

It should be noted that the Center for Evaluating applicants for public service positionsis equipped with all the necessary technical equipment for independent testing, competitions, exams, etc. This includes compliance with barrier-free standards and equal opportunities.

The Centre is also a venue for the Unified State Qualification Exam (USQE) and other events. In 2023, the Assessment Centre held competitions for vacant positions in the ARMA, the HACC, and the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers.