Development strategy of organisations. Training for category A public servants

09.08 2023

As part of the School of Strategy Training project, the High School hosted a module on the Development Strategy of Organisations.

The development strategy defines the main areas of activity of any organisation. The quality of the developed strategy determines the effectiveness of its functioning. For practical management, it is important that the developed development strategy allows for a clear understanding of the strategic goals facing the organisation, their relative importance, technologies for achieving them, resources and the management system that ensures their achievement. This was the basis for the training participants together with the trainer Mykhailo Krikunov, Doc, Dean of Kyiv Business School.

From mini-lectures on an overview of modern concepts, organisational architectures and their conflict, culture and the essence of strategising, the students moved on to discussions in scenario teams, where they analysed the peculiarities of organisational development in public administration. During practical exercises, they worked out the problems faced by the organisation and made a rapid assessment of the appropriateness of the way to solve them.

The participants also discussed what new leadership models public administration needs, analysed the structure and processes of formulating organisational development strategies.

We remind you that one of the objectives of the School of Strategic Training is to create the preconditions for the formation of a holistic system of state strategic planning for the development and restoration of Ukraine and to increase the level of professional competence of category A public servants necessary for strategic management and effective decision-making.