All-Ukrainian round table on the development of the field of knowledge “Public governance and administration”

29.11 2023

Director of the High School Yuliia Lykhach took part in the All-Ukrainian Round Table “Trends and Strategic Directions of Development of Knowledge Area 28 “Public governance and administration”.

The event, co-organised by the High School of Public Governance, was held on 28 November 2023 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the University of Educational Management. Over the years, the University has gone through a glorious path of formation and development, and today it occupies a leading position in the system of postgraduate and adult education in Ukraine, introducing European approaches to training specialists and the new elite of the state.

In her speech, Yuliia Lykhach focused on the competence needs of public servants and approaches to meeting them in higher education.

It should be noted that the development of managerial competencies of public servants at all levels is at the heart of the priorities set out in the Strategy for the Development of the High School. These include the development of managerial competencies, development in the field of regional governance and local self-government, human rights, non-discrimination and gender equality, European and Euro-Atlantic integration, learning the state language and EU languages, and coaching skills.

In 2023, 114 programmes were developed in 32 areas, which provided advanced training for more than 20,000 public servants. All programmes and courses of the High School are practice-oriented, aimed at meeting the competence needs of public servants, such as knowledge and understanding of the legal framework, public administration processes, economic and social issues; communication skills, analytical and critical thinking, creativity, ability to generate new ideas, adapt to changes and work in a team.

“Each institution has its own unique capabilities, its own peculiarity. It is only through the joint efforts of scientists, teachers of higher education institutions, international partners, and managers that we will be able to make the system of professional development and training of public servants effective and relevant to the challenges of today,” said Yuliia Lykhach. “The High School is open to cooperation, exchange of experience, and implementation of joint projects, programmes, and activities to disseminate best practices in public administration, public service, and professional development.

During the meeting, the participants also discussed the challenges for the knowledge sector in the context of Ukraine’s modern development and post-war recovery; cooperation with European higher education institutions and research institutions, problematic issues, risks and opportunities for the development of the knowledge sector; educational activities, organisation of knowledge exchange; transformation of key thematic areas of the knowledge sector; retrospective analysis of the development of the sector; opportunities for the practical implementation of scientific knowledge in public administration and management.

We would like to add that the roundtable will result in a resolution that will be made public for review by the public and authorised bodies.