Training on preventing and combating gender-based violence

24.10 2023

On 23 and 24 October, a training course was held as part of the General Training Programme “Preventing and Combating Gender-Based Violence, including Domestic Violence”.

The aim of this training project is to raise awareness among civil servants and local government officials of the need to prevent, detect, respond to and combat domestic violence, and to develop skills in applying a comprehensive, integrated approach to responding to such cases.

The event, which took place at the Western Ukrainian National University in Ternopil, was organised by the Higher School of Public Governance in cooperation with the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service and the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine (UNFPA).

Speaking at the opening of the training, Yuliia Lykhach, Director of the High School, noted that the National Training Centre on Combating Gender-Based Violence was launched as part of the cooperation between the High School and UNFPA. One of the main areas of the Centre’s work is to ensure a sustainable learning process to strengthen the capacity and knowledge of relevant professionals in this area. In addition, joint training programmes and courses on the topic have been developed, incorporating international best practices and models adapted to Ukrainian legislation.

The event was attended by public officials, representatives of local authorities and other specialists from Ternopil Oblast involved in preventing and combating domestic violence.

Nataliia Kryvokulska, PhD in Public Administration, Associate Professor, and Tetiana Lysenko, Municipal Advisor at the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine, created a special atmosphere to enhance interpersonal communication among the participants. A successful example of building a system to combat and prevent gender-based violence was presented by the guests of the event – representatives of the Department of Family, Youth Policy and Child Protection of the Ternopil City Council. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss the specifics of specialised services with Tetiana Horbonis, Director of the Ternopil City Centre for Social Services for Family, Children and Youth.

Over the course of two days, a number of important topics were covered, including basic concepts and gender stereotypes, definitions of gender-based and domestic violence, and their forms. Participants reviewed European and national legislation on preventing and combating gender-based violence and domestic violence. They also considered the specifics of interagency cooperation and coordination of various institutions at the central, regional and local levels. Particular attention was paid to victim assistance and confidentiality as an important component of this.

On 26-27 October, the same professional development programme “Preventing and Counteracting Gender-Based Violence, including Domestic Violence” will be held in Svaliava for representatives of the authorities and local authorities of Zakarpattia Oblast.