The second training module “Strategy for the Development of Public Spheres” at the School of Strategy Training has been completed

19.07 2023

In the form of a management game, the students learned the theoretical and practical aspects of the strategic planning model.

In particular, they discussed the development of a logical model, setting strategic and operational goals and objectives, implementing the strategy “Developing a work plan”, etc. The theory was put into practice by developing the Strategic Development Plan of Ukraine until 2030.

Oleksandr Novytskyi, Head of the State Inspectorate for Architecture and Urban Development of Ukraine, said: “The School of Strategy training is an interesting and useful format for raising the level of professional competence for category A. “The course is very interesting. Strong lecturers who are also tutors. They apply a personal approach to each student. The teaching methodology itself is clear, there is an opportunity to work in teams, a kind of coworking. There is a lot of new and useful information that I can use. For example, on policy development and strategic planning,” said Oleksandr Novytskyi.

Viktor Kantsurak, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, agrees with his colleague: “The format of the proposed professional training is successful. Firstly, in terms of the opportunity to participate. In addition, a convenient format has been chosen, when classes are held offline every two weeks. This is more convenient than studying every day. Secondly, a high-quality system of mentors and coaches. This speeds up the learning process. Thirdly, the high professionalism of the students,” said Viktor Kantsurak.

The trainers of the second module were:

Maria Plaksenko, Head of Capacity Building at SURGe, PhD in Political Science in National Security;

Maryna Chulaevska, Senior Strategic Planning Expert of the SURGe Project, PhD in Public Administration;

Tetyana Danyliv – Strategic Planning Expert of the SURGe Project, Master of Sociology;

Viktor Artemenko – consultant on strategic planning and policy development.


“The School of Strategic Training was launched on 5 July. It is a project of the High School and the National Agency for State Administration, together with the Support to Ukraine’s Government Reforms (SURGe) project.

Among the case studies to be taught by experienced teachers and trainers are: – strategies for the development of certain areas of public administration, individual public authorities, and personal development of the leader.

The purpose of the School of Strategic Training is developing a modern managerial outlook among top public service managers through the acquisition of knowledge and skills in strategy development, which is necessary in the post-war reconstruction environment.