Regulation on the organisation of the educational process was approved

25.05 2023

At the meeting of the Academic and Methodological Council of the High School held on 25 May 2023, the Regulations on the organisation of the educational process at the High School of Public  Governance were approved and general and special short-term, as well as general professional (certificate) training programmes on such topics were considered:

-Media literacy of public servants;

Social dialogue as a mechanism of public administration in the context of war, post-war reconstruction and Ukraine’s accession to the EU;

-Emotional stability of a public servant;

-Justice of the transitional period;

-Tax policy of the European Union;

-Foreign language in public administration (English);

-Access to public information for public servants;

-Mechanisms and tools for combating human trafficking;

-Current issues of volunteering in Ukraine;

-Training technologies for responding to cases of sexual conflict-related sexual violence and providing assistance to victims;

-Gender-sensitive response to the humanitarian crisis;

-Gender-responsive governance at the local level;

-Mediation and dialogue skills for public service needs;

-Interaction of public authorities with the public;

-Sustainable development goals for public servants

After making a number of constructive suggestions, the programmes were approved.

The relevance of the programmes is caused by the need to build effective work in the civil service under conditions of uncertainty caused by martial law and the implementation of our country’s European integration strategy.

After completing the training, the participants will have the necessary competencies to successfully perform their professional duties.