Professional development in strategic communications and European integration

15.09 2023

From 11 to 15 September, 48 students took part in the general short-term professional development programme “Communication of European Integration: the Process of Creating a Communication Strategy and Action Plan”.

The aim of the programme is to develop a system of knowledge about the government’s communication tasks in the field of European integration and the Association Agreement, planning a communication strategy and skills to create action plans based on it.

The training was attended by public servants of categories “B” and “C” who are involved in the implementation of the Communication Strategy on Ukraine’s European Integration.

The trainers were Yvette Delikatna, key communications expert of the Association4You project, and Iryna Subota, analyst at the Centre for Strategic Communications and Information Security.

By the way, the EU Project in Ukraine “Association4You” is a partner of this programme.

The participants discussed the current context of Ukraine’s European integration, key communication indicators of European integration, mapped stakeholders and segmented target groups.

They focused on the risks of implementing the strategy, the narratives of russian propaganda on European integration, and ways to counteract them. Among other things, we reviewed stakeholder engagement programmes and performance measurement indicators.