Meeting of Academic and Methodological Council of the High School

01.05 2024

The members of the Academic and Methodological Council of the High School considered topical issues of methodological support of the educational process and approval of new curricula at a meeting on 30 April 2024.

In particular, the following advanced training programmes were considered: ‘Organisation of work in the de-occupied territories’, ‘The art of public speaking for civil servants of category “A”, “Communication and interaction with veterans in the civil service”, “Use of training technologies in the implementation of the programme ”Strategic principles of development of interagency cooperation in the field of prevention and counteraction to domestic violence and/or gender-based violence’, as well as special short-term programmes for civil servants of category ‘B’.

In addition, a practical guide for trainers on gender equality ‘Building Gender Competencies of Civil Servants and Local Government Officials’ was presented and approved.

Following the discussion of the presented programmes, a decision was made to approve them, taking into account the recommendations of the members of the Scientific and Methodological Council.