Psychological and emotional support


The armed conflict in Ukraine has become a real challenge to the ability of public servants and the entire public administration system to effectively perform the tasks of protecting the state and providing essential public services. Ensuring the work of public authorities at the central and local levels in a time of war requires significant human effort, primarily physical and psychological.

Since the beginning of the war, every second person has faced problems related to emotional instability, stress, internal tension, a sense of inability to act further and the absolute instability of the present. Unfortunately, this is our reality, which adjusts our lives.  And the most important thing that a person loses due to stress disorders is his or her ability to work. Professional activity is an important sphere of human life, and professional identity is the basis of personal identity.

Therefore, it is extremely important today to adapt the public service to work under martial law, provide psychosocial support, develop psychological competence, and prevent stress disorders and professional burnout among public servants.

The importance of helping citizens overcome war-related stress and the effects of traumatic events and prevent the development of mental disorders was emphasised by First Lady Olena Zelenska, who initiated the creation of the National Programme for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support.

In order to adapt the public service to work under martial law and create emotional support for public servants, the Higher School of Public Administration initiated the All-Ukrainian Educational Online Marathon “Emotional Resilience of a Public Servant”, which was subsequently implemented jointly with the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service with the support of UN Women Ukraine.

More than 500 people from all over Ukraine took part in the marathon.

The objectives of the marathon were to develop the emotional resilience of public servants, mobilise a sense of internal support, provide self-help techniques and prevent the development of chronic stress, and form and consolidate a correct understanding of the psychological factors that help to find inner harmony and improve emotional well-being.

The marathon was held online and lasted from 04 November to 02 December 2022.

Based on the results of the marathon, the Higher School of Public Administration has prepared an “ANTI-stress treasury” that will highlight practical advice on self-help, supporting yourself and your loved ones in a resourceful state, as well as preventive practices for overcoming stress and building internal supports and resilience.

In 2023, the Higher School of Public Administration plans to prepare and implement advanced training programmes on psychosocial support, adaptation and development of psychological competence of public servants, among other things:

  • Overcoming and preventing stress in professional activities. prevention of professional burnout.
  • Psycho-emotional preparation for work in the de-occupied territories.
  • Emotional resilience of public servants.

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