Working meeting with representatives of the Dr Mukwege Foundation

07.03 2024

The implementation of measures and joint efforts to develop programmes to comprehensively combat and respond to conflict-related sexual violence were discussed during a meeting between representatives of the High School and the Dr Mukwege Foundation.

The High School was represented by Deputy Head Serhii Selivanov, Head of the National Training Centre for Prevention and Counteraction to Gender-Based Violence Nataliia Shcherbak, and Center for Professional development in the sphere of Human Rights compentencies, non-discrimination and gender equality The Dr Mukwege Foundation was represented by holistic care programme managers Sarah Collins and Dominique Vidal-Plaza.

It should be added that the parties are implementing many activities under the Memorandum of Cooperation. In particular, the development and implementation of professional development programmes, training of trainers on the issues of the CBCP. For example, last year, a training of trainers programme was developed entitled “Training Technologies for Responding to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Assisting Victims”. Under this programme, 25 trainers were trained during the Summer School of Coaching Skills.

Many joint initiatives are planned for 2024 to raise awareness among public servants on preventing, detecting and responding to cases of CRSV, building skills using a comprehensive integrated approach to respond appropriately and skills to assist and protect survivors.