Training within the Natolin4Capacity Building project completed

06.10 2023

At the High School, 148 public servants upgraded their qualifications as part of the project “Capacity Building for Integration and Reform: Enhancing the Administrative Capacity of the Public Service of Ukraine for European Integration through a Comprehensive Educational Programme”.

The training took place under 5 general short-term programmes implemented by the College of Europe in Natolin within the framework of the EU-funded Natolin4Capacity Building project.

The programmes were Citizens in the EU, EU Transformative Power, EU Market Enlargement, EU Policy Making and EU Financial Instruments. The programmes were aimed at raising the level of knowledge about European integration and approximation of Ukrainian legislation to EU law, including knowledge of EU standards in relevant areas and measures of legislative adaptation.

Participants had the opportunity to take individual online courses on the Natolin4Capacity Building educational platform and webinars conducted by leading experts in European law, the EU internal market, financial management reforms, EU policy, etc.

In total, the training lasted 5 weeks. The students covered common EU values, civil society empowerment, understanding the goals and mechanisms of Ukraine’s integration into the EU internal market, the concept of political dialogue, options for developing bilateral relations between Ukraine and the EU, and the political and financial aspects of EU activities.