Training on barrier-free accessibility

03.11 2023

On November 2-3, 2023, Natalia Makhinchuk, Head of the Center for Professional Development in the Sphere of Human Rights Compentencies, Non-Discrimination and Gender Equality of the High School, took part in the training “Veterans: Interaction and Support in Communities”.

The training was part of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program, which is being implemented at the initiative of First Lady Olena Zelenska. The event was organized by by the Mental Health Coordination Center of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the NGO “Bezbariernist” with the support of Visa, a member of the Business Without Barriers community.

For two days, the participants considered the challenges of today’s war-related issues. In particular, the module “Portrait of a Modern Veteran: Myths and Reality” discussed important issues of veteran`s reintegration and veteran policy (readaptation, types of reintegration, education, employment, social and political activity, etc.)

The module “Specifics of Communication with Combat Trauma Carriers” focused on establishing effective communication and its peculiarities with veterans.

The thematic module on the development of coaching and training skills was interesting and informative. The peculiarities, forms of training, and tools for the audience, as well as the assembly of their own “trainer’s suitcase” – the development of a training plan on a given topic – were shared with the participants by Maryna Koptil, a key employee development trainer at Sense Bank, author and trainer of leader development projects.

It should be noted that the High School is implementing the “State without Barriers” professional development program, which has been used by 373 public servants. In addition, other programs with separate modules on barrier-free accessibility are also being implemented. Over the first 9 months of this year, 977 public servants and local government officials have been trained under such programs. We plan to implement important educational projects for effective support and professional adaptation of defenders and their families. Rehabilitation, education, and retraining are important components of the transition from a military career to civilian life.