Training on barrier-free accessibility

19.12 2023

The Director of the High School, Yuliia Lykhach, took part in the practical training “Barrier-Free Public Services: Identifying the Needs of Different Target Groups”. The event, held on 19 December 2023, was dedicated to the methods of analysis, monitoring and evaluation of barrier-free public services, as well as approaches to studying the accessibility of services provided by the state. The training was attended by relevant managers and specialists responsible for the implementation of the plan and the National Strategy for Creating a Barrier-Free Space in Ukraine until 2030.

The event was organised by the Advisor to the Presidential Commissioner for Barrier-Free Environment in partnership with the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, Inclusive Friendly, Fight for Right, Big City Lab, and the Donetsk Women’s Council with the support of the Council of Europe project Strengthening Social Protection in Ukraine.

The participants watched training videos, worked out potential situations of service delivery and interaction with stakeholders. They also presented case studies on the biggest barriers to service delivery.

During the training, the participants and experts discussed in detail the needs of various target groups, including people with visual, hearing, musculoskeletal and mental disabilities, the elderly, parents with children and others. Representatives of central authorities tested the application of the GESI approach (gender equality & social inclusion) in government policies. The gender equality and social inclusion approach is an advanced methodology that helps to improve the efficiency and accessibility of services and spaces for different groups in society, providing equal opportunities for everyone.

The High School has developed and is implementing a training course entitled “State without Barriers”. In 2023, 373 people improved their skills. Barrier-free issues are also addressed in separate modules in a number of other programmes.

The institution’s priorities for 2024 include updating and developing programmes to meet the challenges faced by public servants as providers of public services that would be accessible and inclusive to all people, regardless of their individual characteristics.