Tools for implementing the European model of civil (political) education

23.10 2023

The High School has completed the general short-term professional development programme “Tools for Implementing the European Model of Civil (Political) Education”. Forty-nine public servants had the opportunity to improve their professional competences and gain new knowledge on the implementation of the European model of civil (political) education, raising national awareness and citizen engagement in the processes of governance and development of democratic institutions in Ukraine.
Considerable attention was paid to the fundamental values that form the basis of a democratic state governed by the rule of law and civil society; the experience of EU member states in civic education and national-patriotic education; and current challenges to the development of civic education in Ukraine.

It should be noted that the programme partner is the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine, which provides expert support and assistance in the implementation of the reform of public administration and public service, local self-government, and professional training of public servants.