27.10 2023

On 26-27 October, the High School hosted a two-day training programme on the role of a manager in building an integrity environment of an organisation.
It should be noted that the programme was developed by the High School together with the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption as part of the implementation of the Measures for the Implementation of the State Anti-Corruption Programme for 2023-2025. The relevance of its implementation is dictated by the Strategy of Public Administration Reform of Ukraine for 2022-2025, which focuses on raising integrity standards in Ukraine.

Over the course of two days, 33 senior public servants improved their professional competencies in the area of integrity and the effective functioning of the organisation’s corruption prevention system.

The trainers of the event were Oleksandr NOVIKOV, Head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Ihor KHOKHYCH, Chief of Staff of the NAPC, Iryna CHAHOVETS, Head of the NAPC’s Department of Education and Training Programmes, and Iryna GRYSCHENKO, Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Public Administration, Management of Innovation and Advisory Services of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.
The High School of Public Governance continues to cooperate with the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption in the field of advanced training of authorised persons on the prevention and detection of corruption under the following programmes:

  • professional programme “Prevention of Corruption and Ensuring Integrity”;
  • short-term programme “Organisation of work on declaration in a state body”;
  • short-term programme “Implementation of the professional standard of anti-corruption – work in the activities of government and local self-government bodies”;
  • short-term programme “Key functions of the professional standard “Commissioner for Anti-Corruption Activities””.
    The NAUCS and the High School have a long and fruitful cooperation with the MATRA programme “Good Governance and Integrity in the Public Sector in Ukraine”, which is implementedwith the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Hague Academy of Local Government. The project “Promoting Integrity and Good Governance in Ukraine”, which includes a number of activities, has been implemented jointly with the Hague Academy of Local Government since 2017.

This year, the online course on public sector integrity and the manual “Promoting Integrity and Good Governance. Reflections and Best Practices for Public Institutions” was updated.

A special short-term training programme “Training for Trainers on Promoting Integrity in the Public Service” was also developed and implemented. As a result of the training, 20 integrity trainers were certified.