School of Starostas. Fifth module

07.02 2024

The implementation of progressive eco-technologies and smart waste management was discussed during the fifth training module of the ‘School for Starostas’ .

The educational project was launched at the High School on January 30 and covered almost 600 participants from 242 communities from all regions of Ukraine.

The introduction of advanced eco-technologies and smart waste management is not only a path to a better environment, but also an opportunity for Ukraine to become a leader in green innovation and stimulate economic growth. Today’s actions by communities and the government actually determine the country’s environmental well-being for many years to come. The problem of waste is relevant and quite acute for Ukraine.

The training participants discussed the problematic issues with speakers Oleksandr Ihnatenko, national expert in waste management, Vyacheslav Zhyla, Head of the Department of Housing, Utilities and Capital Construction of the Executive Committee of the Hirske Village Council of Boryspil District, Kyiv Region, and Alina Kossakovska, Head of the Infrastructure Development Department of the Hirske Village Council of Boryspil District, Kyiv Region.

Specifically, they considered the mechanism for implementing state policy in the field of waste formation and management, European approaches to waste management, and overcoming the environmental consequences of war on the ground.

They focused on modern waste management in the community and the development of local waste management plans.

The trainers answered questions about available eco-technologies, economic benefits, typical challenges faced by communities in implementing eco-technologies, and ways to overcome them.