Results of the competition “Best Practices for Implementing Educational Innovations in the System of Professional Training of Public Servants”

30.10 2023

The High School of Public Governance won first place in the nomination “Professional Training to Ensure Resilience and Adaptability of State and Local Governments in the Context of War”.

“This is a joint victory of the School’s team – all those who joined the implementation of the educational innovation in 2022-2023,” said Yuliia Lykhach, Director of the School. “Psycho-emotional support is a complex and responsible task. The School has developed and now implementing a number of measures that will help public servants make informed decisions in any situation, adapt to work under martial law and develop psychological competencies.”

To identify the current needs of public servants in psychosocial support, provide self-help techniques and prevent the development of chronic stress, the School of Public Governance held an all-Ukrainian educational online marathon “Emotional Resilience of a Public Servant”.

The event was organised jointly with the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service and supported by UN Women Ukraine, with more than 500 people from all over Ukraine taking part.

As a result of the marathon, an “Anti-Stress Treasury” was prepared, which highlights practical advice on self-help, supporting oneself and loved ones in a resourceful state, as well as preventive practices for overcoming stress and building internal supports and resilience.

The High School also prepared a manual “Psychosocial Support for Public Servants under Martial Law: A Practical Guide for Trainers”.

In 2023, the High School developed and is implementing 4 advanced professional development programmes on psychosocial support, adaptation and development of psychological competence of public servants:

  • GSPDP “Overcoming and Preventing Stress in Professional Activity. Prevention of professional burnout” – 273 people improved their skills;
  • The GSPDP”Psycho-emotional preparation for work in the de-occupied territories” – 61 people;
    -GSPDP “Emotional Resilience of Public Servants” – 109 people;
  • GSPDP “Psychosocial Support of Employees in the Workplace in War and Post-War Period” – 53 people.

More information:
The competition “Best Practices of Implementing Educational Innovations in the System of Professional Training of Civil Servants, Heads of Local State Administrations, Their First Deputies and Deputies, Local Government Officials and Deputies of Local Councils” has been held by the NAUCS for the fourth year in a row.

Its purpose is to select, celebrate and disseminate the best practices of introducing educational innovations in the system of professional training of public servants, heads of local state administrations, their first deputies and deputies, local self-government officials and local council members.

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