Responding to cyber incidents. Practical seminar

18.01 2024

On 18 January 2024, the High School, together with the National Agency of State Service of Ukraine for Special Communications and Information Protection and the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, with the support of the EU project “Support to Comprehensive Public Administration Reform in Ukraine” (EU4PAR 2), held a workshop on “Responding to Cyber Incidents”.

One of the basic elements of the national resilience system is the safety and security of critical infrastructure, including its cybersecurity. Therefore, one of the priorities of the High School is to ensure the professional development of civil servants in cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection.

Almost 80 participants of the seminar – CDTOs, heads of structural units and specialists responsible for cybersecurity in government agencies and critical infrastructure sectors – had the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in responding to cyber incidents.

The training was conducted by lecturers Oleksandr Potiy, Deputy Head of the State Service of Ukraine for Special Communications, Danylo Mialkovskyi, Director of the Cyber Defence Department of the State Service of Ukraine for Special Communications, Oleksii Dorofeev, Acting Head of the State Cyber Defence Centre of the State Service of Ukraine for Special Communications, and Mykola Koval, CERT-UA specialist.

The participants reviewed the general requirements of regulatory acts on responding to cyber incidents, cyber attacks, tools and methods used for this purpose, and typical shortcomings. They outlined urgent and achievable goals and key results. They identified obstacles and discussed approaches to solving them.

In addition, the experts discussed the cyber defence services provided by the State Special Communications Service and the role of the CDTO in ensuring cybersecurity and cyber defence.

Following the training, the participants received certificates of professional development.

The High School, with the support of the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine, plans to develop two new cybersecurity training programmes in 2024 aimed at developing the professional competencies of category A public servants and specialists providing cybersecurity in institutions.

For reference.
For two years, the High School has been providing training on digital development, digital transformation and digitalisation:

  • 30 public servants of category A were trained under the programme “Cybersecurity System of a State Institution from A to Z”;
  • under the programme “Cybersecurity of Critical Information Infrastructure for Public Sector Information Security Specialists”, 64 public servants were trained;
  • 29 specialists were trained under the Cyber Security programme to work in the de-occupied territories;
  • within the framework of the programme “Topical Issues of Exercising Powers by Public Servants under Martial Law”, 55 public servants were trained in the topic “Fundamentals of Cybersecurity”.