Representatives of the High School took part in training on monitoring and approval of detailed activities in the PROJECTua IT system

15.09 2023

The Higher School of Public Administration is actively involved in the use of PROJECT UA IT tools for strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation. The Results-Based Management tools introduced in the public service are already part of the management of many state institutions (Ministry of Reconstruction, Office of the Presidential Commissioner for Accessibility, National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service, etc.

The High School has already organised professional training for public servants on strategic planning using the RBM methodology as part of the short-term professional development programme “Results-Based Management”.

During the training on monitoring and approval of detailed measures in the PROJECT UA IT system, which took place at the National Agency on 14 September, SURGe project experts demonstrated the capabilities of the PROJECT UA information and analytical system. In particular, for the first time in the NAUCS, they transferred detailed measures of the Agency’s Strategic Plan to monitoring and approval in the IT system, showed how to transfer detailed measures to approval, how and by whom the approval is carried out, etc.

The training was attended by more than 40 public servants who are interested in quickly mastering the PROJECT UA IT tool. After all, strategic planning practices based on the principles of results-based management (RBM) will soon be introduced throughout the public sector.