New module in the School of Starostas

06.02 2024

The High School continues to study under an educational project for local government representatives and starostas. On February 6, the participants mastered a new module “Efficient use of fuel and energy resources, application of energy-saving technologies, energy development of communities”.

The issue of efficient use of fuel and energy resources, alternative fuels and implementation of energy efficiency measures is one of the most important issues for each community. The significant increase in prices for natural gas, electricity, coal and other types of fuel, deterioration and obsolescence of equipment and engineering networks necessitate the search for new approaches to solve the problem.
The School of Starostas students discussed these issues with Oleksiy Korchmit, Head of the Ukrainian Association of Energy Service Companies, UNDP Ukraine project expert, PhD.

The participants discussed in detail the regulatory and legal support for state policy in the field of energy efficiency, the implementation of energy management systems, and an integrated approach to improving energy efficiency at the local community level.

Besides, they discussed the development of local energy efficiency programmes, opportunities and practices of using renewable energy sources.

As a reminder, the educational project is being implemented jointly with the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service, the All-Ukrainian Association of Amalgamated Hromadas and with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, and this module was implemented with the informational support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine.

‘School of Starostas’ Training’ is a unique platform where participants from 242 hromadas have the opportunity not only to improve their professional competencies, but also to discuss, share experiences and ideas for implementing initiatives and projects, and establish cooperation with other hromadas and communities.