Meeting of Academic and Methodological Council

29.02 2024

On February 29, 2024, the second meeting of the Academic and Methodological Council of the High School was held under the chairmanship of the Deputy Head of the Higher School Sergey Selivanov. Eight issues related to the educational activities of the institution were put forward for consideration.

The Academic and Methodological Council heard, discussed and approved the following advanced training programmes: Prevention of Professional Burnout of Public Servants, International Humanitarian Law in the Professional Activity of Public Servants, and School of Project Management and Grant Writing, “Needs Assessment in the Development of Public Policies and Planning for the Recovery of Ukraine, Effective Leadership and Human Resources Management, State without Barriers, Gender Responsive Governance, Identifying and Responding to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Assisting Victims, Documents as a Form of Written Public Speech. As well as a training for trainers on the Strategic Framework and Guidelines for Preventing and Combating Domestic and Gender-Based Violence.

In addition, the practical manual “Developing the Coaching Skills of Teachers Conducting Professional Training” was approved. The manual addresses the peculiarities and specifics, provides theoretical and practical materials on preparing and conducting training sessions, which allows solving educational tasks for the formation and development of general and professional competencies of future specialists. It will be useful for teachers, trainers and consultants, professionals who want to develop their coaching skills.

At the end of the meeting, the members of the Educational and Methodological Council made appropriate decisions that will help improve the quality of the educational process.