Implementation of joint initiatives with the USAID ”GOVERLA” project

23.02 2024

Cooperation in the implementation of the Law of Ukraine on Local Self-Government Service and professional development of local self-government officials was discussed during a working meeting between Nataliia Aliushyna, Head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, and Yuliia Lykhach, Head of the High School, and Gabriel Abraham and Halyna Semenets, representatives of the USAID GOVERLA Project.

Representatives of the USAID GOVERLA Project expressed their readiness to join the implementation of the initiatives of the Roadmap for the Implementation of Law No. 3077 “On Service in Local Self-Government Bodies”, in particular, the preparation of bylaws and methodological recommendations for the practical application of the procedures provided for by the Law; professional training of local self-government officials; and a large-scale information and awareness campaign.

In cooperation with the High School of Public Governance, new professional training programmes in the field of public service will be developed and certified. It is also planned to organise and conduct a School of Mayors to prepare current mayors and candidates, together with their teams, to manage cities with a systematic strategic approach, open public policy and good governance principles.

The parties discussed the possibilities of developing, maintaining and administering an interactive online commentary (website) on the implementation and enforcement of the Law of Ukraine “On Service in Local Self-Government Bodies” and guidelines for internships for young people in local government positions. It is also planned to hold joint awareness-raising events on integrity and the role of public servants in the restoration of Ukraine, etc.