The Council of Europe project “Human Rights Education for Lawyers” (HELP) was presented within the framework of the Europe Week

10.05 2023

The Council of Europe’s Human Rights Education for Lawyers (HELP) project was presented at the National Judicial Academy as part of the Europe Week. It aims to improve the skills of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, other court officials and law students to ensure that they effectively apply European human rights standards, including during wartime.

According to the Head of the Agency, Natalia Alushyna, respect for and protection of human rights is one of the leading activities of the European Union. In the context of European integration, Ukraine must not only enshrine the principles of democracy and the rule of law in law, but also implement them in everyday life. Therefore, it is necessary to work on improving the human rights protection system. According to the EU accession criteria, only a state with an appropriate level of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms can become a full member of the European Union. In addition, civil servants need to constantly improve their knowledge of European human rights standards.

The HELP project provides support to educational institutions to improve the skills of lawyers and public officials in the field of Council of Europe standards and practices. In the difficult situation caused by the Russian aggression against Ukraine, legal professionals must have the necessary knowledge and skills to apply European and international standards to protect human rights and access to information necessary for decision-making.

The HELP project is implemented within the framework of the Council of Europe’s Program on Human Rights Education for Lawyers, which unites 46 Council of Europe member states in the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and other human rights standards at the national level.