High School of Public Governance took part in the Forum of Anti-Corruption Commissioners “Keys to Transparent Recovery”

26.04 2023

On 26 April 2023, Yuliia Lykhach, Director of the High School of Public Governance, took part in a panel discussion on “Opportunities for Professional Development of the Ministry’s Anti-Corruption Commissioners” as part of the Keys to Transparent Recovery Forum for Anti-Corruption Commissioners.

In her report, Yuliia Likhach noted that “the High School is the state institution that provides professional development of public servants and local government officials in the main aspects of policy implementation, and in this context, the issues of corruption prevention and integrity are a priority on the way to Ukraine’s further accession to the European community.”

The main priorities of the High School’s activities in the short term are as follows:

  • raising and promoting the value of anti-corruption work for heads of public institutions;
  • development of programmes and organisation of training for public servants and local government officials on corruption prevention and detection;
  • introducing specialised training for existing anti-corruption commissioners to effectively manage the process of anti-corruption activities;
  • creation of a professional community of anti-corruption trainers to ensure interaction, cooperation, exchange of experience, ideas and effective professional cases (telegram channels, discussion clubs, training activities).

In 2023, the Graduate School, in cooperation with the National Agency of Ukraine on Corruption Prevention, the NACP, and the Interaction project, began work on developing and improving training programmes for public servants and local government officials on corruption prevention in line with modern requirements.

Over the course of the year, 341 authorised persons are to be trained: 75 people will attend general professional training programmes and 266 people will attend general short-term programmes.