High School and the Council of Europe Office: establishing cooperation

28.08 2023

The results of joint projects and further areas of cooperation were discussed during the meeting by representatives of the NAUCS, the High School and the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine.

As noted, the joint work will be carried out in the areas of expert support and assessment in the preparation of bylaws, standard procedures for service in local self-government, methodological recommendations and professional standards.

As part of the implementation of the Task Plan set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the implementation of the new Law of Ukraine “On Service in Local Self-Government”, the NAUCS will engage the Council of Europe programme experts in the development of regulations. A working group has already been set up to develop a Model Regulation on the Human Resources Management Service in local self-government.

A separate discussion was held on establishing cooperation with the High School of Public Administration as an educational hub for civil servants. It is important that the Council of Europe Office experts participate in the work of the expert advisory council on the approval of in-service training programmes.

With the expert and financial support of the Council of Europe Office, the competition “Best Practices for Implementing Educational Innovations in the Vocational Training System” has been held for the fourth year in a row. In addition, the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine is one of the international co-organisers of the annual Richelieu Forum of Public Service “Institutional Resilience of the Public Service in Times of War”, which will be held on 20-22 September 2023.