High School added to the list of coordinators of the pilot project “Recovery Reserve”

06.10 2023

As part of the pilot project to create a reserve of government employees to work in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine (the Restoration Reserve), an information and communication system containing information on the persons enrolled in the reserve has been launched in July.

The National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service is one of the coordinators of the pilot project and the system’s technical administrator. The High School of Public Governance has recently been added to this list.

It should be noted that the reserve is formed electronically from persons who have expressed a desire to work in government agencies in the de-occupied territories as public servants (in accordance with the Procedure for Implementing a Pilot Project to Create a Reserve of Employees of Government Agencies to Work in the De-occupied Territories of Ukraine, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 23 May 2023, No. 524).

It should be added that in late September, the Government simplified the process of applying to the personnel reserve for work in the de-occupied territories, in particular, the application process was improved.

From now on, candidates are no longer required to fill in a motivational questionnaire and pass a general knowledge test. Information that is no longer used by the pilot project participants has also been removed from the application form.

In addition, the list of information to be submitted to a government agency that has applied to the NAUCS with a request to fill positions in such a government agency has been clarified. Thus, the existing information includes an email address, information on the person’s work experience and level of education.

The law also introduced the obligation of a government agency participating in the pilot project to notify the NAUCS of such appointment within five days.

As of 2 October 2023, 2029 applications were registered in the system, including: 1807 were accepted, 197 were rejected, 1152 applications were submitted by men, and 877 by women.

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