Final module at the School of Starostas

09.02 2024

Public safety – is a complicated social phenomenon that implies not only a certain state of public order and its protection from internal and external threats, but also protection from sources of natural or artificial hazards.

For our society, the issues of counteracting new social and military threats are very relevant, which significantly increases the risk of emergencies, and the problem of security is becoming an increasing priority. The interest in civil protection issues demonstrates the importance and relevance of the issues discussed by the participants of the “School of Starostas’ during the regular training module.

The participants discussed public safety, planning, emergency response, and analytical complexes for ensuring physical security of a person in the context of the community with speakers Volodymyr Masovets, representative of the Territorial Department of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine in Kyiv Oblast, and Viktor Antoniuk, senior lecturer at the Western Ukrainian National University.

In particular, they discussed the unified state system of civil protection, organisation of civil protection in communities, planning of measures to protect the population and territories from emergencies and life support for the affected population.

It should be added that the sixth module was the final one in the training of starostas, which had been taking place at the High School since 30 January. ‘Starosta Training School’ was implemented jointly with the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, the All-Ukrainian Association of Amalgamated Territorial Communities and with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

The educational project was aimed at improving the level of knowledge, practical skills necessary for starostas to effectively perform their tasks and duties, and to be able to apply them in their daily work on the ground.

Over the course of six training days, the students had the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge of legislative support for their activities; ASC functioning and access to social services; communication between local authorities and citizens; introduction of advanced ECO technologies and energy development of communities; public safety and emergency situations.
According to Yuliia Lykhach, Head of the High School, this year it is planned to implement many educational initiatives to improve the skills and strengthen the human resources of state and local authorities.

New training formats, such as workshops, case studies, and internships, will allow local government representatives to acquire the practical skills and competencies necessary for successful work.