Final meeting of the Scientific and Expert Council

15.12 2023

On 15 December, the final meeting of the Scientific and Expert Council of the High School of Public Governance took place in 2023.

The Director of the High School, Yuliia Lykhach, introduced the new Chairman of the Scientific and Expert Council, Natalia Shcherbak, Doctor of Public Administration, Head of the National Training Centre for Prevention and Counteraction to Domestic and Gender-Based Violence.

“It is a great honour and responsibility to be the head of an advisory body whose activities relate to scientific and expert support for the professional development of public servants,” said Natalia Shcherbak, “Our task is to work together to bring the educational services provided to public servants in the process of professional development closer to the needs of today.

Director Yuliia Lykhach spoke in detail about the scientific and methodological support of the educational process at the School in 2023. In particular, she spoke about the preparation of the monograph “European Guidelines for Public Administration” based on the results of the scientific and practical conference and the creation of an educational series of 10 episodes to deepen knowledge of the personalised history of nation- and state-building in Ukraine for use in the advanced training programmes of public servants. The Director also spoke about the scientific and communication events, thanked for the active position and content of the events held and expressed hope for continued cooperation with the organising partners.

To strengthen the practical component of the educational, methodological and scientific support for the professional development of public servants, the Scientific and Expert Council has been expanded with new members. It includes Maryna Kanavets, Director of the Centre for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the EU Standards, and Nataliia Shamrai, Head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Centres for Administrative Services.

The members of the Scientific and Expert Council reviewed the activities and implementation of the work plan, as well as the conduct of surveys for scientific support of the educational process. The meeting participants also approved the Glossary of Linguistic Terms and Concepts developed by the Centre for Professional Development in the State Language.