Filming of an educational series has begun at the High School

15.11 2023

Ukrainian state-building, from historical figures to contemporary heroes, will be discussed in an educational series entitled “Outstanding Personalities of Ukraine in Nation and State Building Processes”, which was launched at the High School of Public Governance in cooperation with the National Agency for State Administration and with the support of UN Women in Ukraine.

“The idea for the film was born a year ago,” says Yuliia Lykhach, Director of the School. “No matter how important social groups, mass social movements, and political parties are, the key to social development is the individual. And public administration is carried out by people and for people. Why prominent personalities? It is simple, because this cohort includes not only talented generals or famous statesmen, but also all those who glorified their people, made efforts to contribute to state-building processes, became role models, and protected their identity. So, we believe that the launch of this project will continue to comprehend the history of nation- and state-building in Ukraine through the prism of the activities of famous personalities, strengthening national unity and consolidating Ukrainian society.”

It should be noted that the filming will take place at historical locations in the capital, including the Hetmanate Museum, Lesya Ukrainka Museum, Museum of the Sixties, Museum of the Formation of the Ukrainian Nation, etc.

The scripts for the first 10 thematic series on the princely era, the Cossack era, the formation of the modern Ukrainian nation, the figures of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921, the OUN-UPA, resistance movement in Ukraine, prominent women in the processes of Ukrainian national revival, the contribution of emigrants to the processes of state-building, the formation of independence and heroes of the present are already ready.

In order to maintain the intrigue, we will not reveal the names of the so-called “actors” of the series. But from time to time, we will allow you to look behind the scenes and even talk to the charismatic announcers.
We would like to add that this educational series is planned by High School for the professional development programmes for public servants. And each episode will be freely available, so it can be used for educational purposes in the context of civic education.