Ensuring gender equality: cooperation continues

19.12 2023

On 18 December, a meeting of the Advisory Committee of the UN Women project “Transformative Approaches to Achieving Gender Equality in Ukraine” was held.

It should be noted that the formation of gender competence of public servants is one of the key tasks of the High School and is especially relevant in the context of military realities. The institution develops and implements a number of programmes on gender policy, human rights and non-discrimination, and ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men. These programmes are aimed at raising awareness and understanding of gender equality, as well as developing gender competencies of participants.

The UN Women Project in Ukraine has been a long-term co-organiser and participant in the events held at the High School. In particular, an online course on “Identifying and Responding to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Assisting Victims” was jointly developed. Cooperation is ongoing to create an educational series “Historical Figures in Nation- and State-Building Processes”. A seminar on gender-responsive budgeting in Ukraine was also held.

This year, as part of the Summer School of Coaching Skills, a special short-term programme was jointly prepared on “Training Technologies for Responding to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Assisting Victims”. This programme trained 25 trainers.

The priorities for 2024 include continuing development and implementation of gender equality professional development programmes for public servants. In particular, mentoring programmes as an effective tool for developing women’s leadership in public administration, gender-oriented budgeting, and implementation of EU standards in the field of gender equality.