End of the Media education and media awareness professional development course

02.10 2023

At the High School, 52 public servants and local government officials improved their skills under the general short-term professional development programme “Media Education and Media Awareness: EU and Ukrainian Achievements”.

In the face of floods of disinformation and negative narratives, it is important for public servants to have critical thinking skills for decision-making, an understanding of the specifics of media content, and the ability to find, evaluate, use and communicate information.

This training programme is aimed at improving knowledge of the principles and foundations of state policy in the field of information security; methods of collecting information and principles of forecasting events and processes; communication and interaction; and working with information.

The students had the opportunity to improve their professional competencies in the sphere of media education and media awareness, expand their knowledge of modern media technologies, develop critical thinking, etc.

It should be noted that the programme partner is the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine, which provides expert support and assistance in the implementation of the reform of public administration and public service, local self-government, and professional training of public servants.