Counteracting cyber threats. Results of the training

08.02 2024

The High School has completed a short-term programme on Countering Cyber Threats for public servants of categories B and C.

The programme aims to increase the level of professional competence of civil servants in implementing organisational and legal measures to counter cyber threats, strengthening the resilience of countering cyber attacks and eliminating the risks of security threats in the information sector.

For two days, the students worked with the trainer, Anastasia Kondryko, PhD in Social Communications, Director of the Cyber Media Track Media Analytics Centre, and Head of the Synergy of Analysts of Ukraine NGO.

The main topics discussed by the participants were state management of information security of Ukraine, the system of management of countering cyber threats, national practice of countering cyber threats and directions for its improvement.

The advanced training programme enables public servants to gain knowledge of current cyber threats, methods of detecting and responding to them, and skills in analysing and responding to cyber incidents. In addition, they will be able to use various tools and methods to protect information systems and data.