Вища школа продовжує співпрацю із проєктом SURGe

25.01 2024

Further cooperation is determined by the agreed Joint Action Plan for 2024 between the High School, the National Agency for Civil Service and the Support to Ukraine’s Government Reforms (SURGe) project.

The document, signed as part of the Memorandum of Cooperation, defines the framework for technical assistance activities to be provided in 2024.

It should be noted that last year, the High School, together with the National Agency for Civil Service and the SURGe project, successfully implemented the School of Strategic Training. The participants were 42 category A civil servants. As part of the Summer School of Coaching Skills, a training for trainers on strategic planning using the RBM methodology was held and 26 trainers were trained.

The High School organised professional training for more than 200 public servants on strategic planning under the short-term training programme “Results-Based Management”.

An online course on strategic planning based on the Results Based Management (RBM) methodology was also developed and is available on the High School’s learning platform.

Plans for 2024 include continuing the School of Strategy Training project and training for public servants on strategic planning, as well as developing and implementing a training programme on needs assessment in the development of public policies and planning for the country’s recovery.