Training for HR representatives on “Determining the results of the performance appraisal of public servants: action algorithm 2023” is underway.

14.09 2023

You can take the course on the platform of the Higher School of Public Administration

The course will cover the following topics:

  • current amendments to the Procedure for Evaluation of the Performance of Public Servants, in particular, we will focus on the changes provided for by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 949 dated 05 September 2023;
  • basic principles for determining the results of tasks in a state body;
  • preparation of a draft order (instruction) by the HR department on determining the results of tasks;
  • advisory support of civil servants in a state body;
  • approving a conclusion on performance appraisal.

The course will consist of two parts:
– independent study of course materials on the learning platform;
– an online information session, which will be held in the form of an open dialogue with speakers.

You will be able to choose the appropriate programme and complete the distance learning part of the course by following the link (

You will be able to receive the registration form for the online session, which will take place on 28.09.2023, only after passing the final test and receiving a certificate based on the results of self-study of the course materials.

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