The High School of Public Governance has been designated as an examination centre for the state language proficiency test

04.09 2023

The National Commission on State Language Standards has designated the High School as an authorised institution where officials from all over Ukraine will be able to take an exam to determine their level of proficiency in the state language. The institution has all the necessary components in accordance with the standards of the National Commission.
Starting from 4 September 2023, you can register for the exam at the Higher School of Public Administration at To register, choose our institution from the drop-down menu.

The exam will be held at the High School on Tuesday and Thursday every week for two groups of 10 people from 10.00-11.00 am and from 12.00-13.00 pm.
The registration procedure, the exam procedure, sample tasks and other information related to obtaining a state certificate of proficiency in the state language can be found on the official website of the National Commission for State Language Standards

Registration for the exam, assessment and issuance of certificates are carried out by the National Commission for State Language Standards. The groups of people taking the exam are formed by an electronic system, which makes it impossible for external interference in the order of formation of the queue of applicants.

The Ukrainian language proficiency test for public servants is free of charge. A person who fails the exam has the right to retake it in 4 months. If the exam is passed successfully, the applicant will receive a state certificate of proficiency in the state language.

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