The EU Policy development programme is launched

07.08 2023

On 7 August 2023, registration for the general short-term development programme “EU Policy Making” for public servants of categories B and C and local government officials will begin. The programme partner is the Natolin4Capacity Building project.

The programme aims to raise awareness of the participants of the training in the political sphere of the European Union, to understand the role of the EU in foreign affairs and methods of Ukraine’s integration with the EU in line with European norms and values, lobbying in the context of the European Neighbourhood Policy and key points.

The training, which will take place remotely, will last from 10 August to 12 September. The total enrolment for the programme is 50 people.
For more information, please follow the link:

Registration for the following programmes will also be open in August as part of cooperation with the Natolin4Capacity Building project:

  1. “Citizens in the EU”
  2. “EU financial instruments”
  3. “Transformational power of the EU”
  4. “EU market expansion