Register for the professional development programme

06.09 2023

On 6 September 2023, registration for the general short-term professional development programme “De-shadowing of income in the field of employment” for public servants of categories B, C and local government officials will begin.

The programme is designed to raise the awareness of public servants and local government officials about the problems of shadow employment and to ensure effective management of employment de-shadowing processes at the national or regional level, as well as to develop skills for effective cooperation between public institutions and social partners in achieving the common goal of income de-shadowing.

Professional competences to be improved by the programme:

-effective decision-making;
-professional knowledge of de-shadowing issues in the field of employment;
-high level performance of tasks.

Distance learning will begin on 11 September.
The total enrolment is 50 people.
You can learn more and register here: