Professional development on cybersecurity issues

03.11 2023

Cybersecurity was identified as one of the priority areas for advanced training of public servants in 2023.

Pursuant to the Implementation Plan of the Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine, the High School of Public Governance provided professional development for 1275 public servants of categories B and C and local government officials on cybersecurity issues under the following programs from February 27 to October 25, 2023:

  1. GSPDP “Fundamentals of cyber hygiene” (160 people)
    Trainers who provided the training:
    Volodymyr Azovskyi, methodologist of the Kyiv Education Hub, director of Inhouse Consulting; Yevhen Gogolenko, Chief Specialist of the User Support Department of the Infrastructure and Support Directorate of the Department of Information Technology;
  2. GSPDP “The Fundamentals of Cybersecurity and Countering Disinformation (506 people)”
    Trainer – Roman Chernysh, PhD in Law, Associate Professor, Department Chair of the National Academy of the Security Service of Ukraine
  3. GSPDP “Combating Cyber Threats (107 people)”
    Trainer – Anastasia Kondryko, PhD in Social Communications, Director of the Media Analytics Center, member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Head of the “Synergy of Analysts of Ukraine” CSO
  4. GSPDP “Digital Literacy and Information Security of Public Servants” (197 people)
    The training was conducted by the Department of Information Space Security of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies and Cyber Defense of the National Defense University of Ukraine.
  5. GSPDP “Cybersecurity of Critical Information Infrastructure for Public Sector Information Security Specialists” (64 persons)
    The training was carried out by the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine with the support of the EU project “Support to Comprehensive Public Administration Reform in Ukraine” (EU4PAR).
  6. GSPDP “Countering destructive information influence: regional peculiarities” (241 persons)
    Trainer – Vasyl Slychko, Information Provision Manager at the Center for Countering Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

The high level of digitalization requires compliance with certain rules of conduct to protect against threats in the information sphere. These programs cover topics on the most common threats to cyberspace, promote the basic principles of cyber hygiene, and teach algorithms for action in case of detection of signs of information attacks, as well as ways to avoid them.

Next year, the High School plans to implement these and develop new professional development programs that will promote digital awareness and practical application of cyber hygiene and cybersecurity.