Participation in a meeting of the Coordination Committee

08.04 2024

On 5 April, the Head of the High School, Yuliia Lykhach, took part in a meeting of the UN Women Coordination Committee. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the results of UN Women’s activities and strategic priorities for 2025-2029.

Higher School and UN Women have been working together for many years to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and men and to overcome all forms of gender discrimination.

It should be noted that every year, thousands of public servants receive training on gender equality and non-discrimination at the High School.

In 2023, 797 people improved their skills in gender equality (including 313 people who studied under programmes developed jointly with UN Women) under 8 programmes: “Implementation of Gender Policy”, “International Legal Support for the Implementation of Gender Policy in Ukraine”, “Gender Approach to Human Resource Management in the Civil Service”, “Gender-Sensitive Governance and Response to the Humanitarian Crisis”, “Study of the Needs of Different Groups of Women and Men and Establishment of Communication”, “Gender-Oriented Governance”, “Gender-Oriented Governance in Ukraine”, “Integration of Gender Approach into Local Policies, Plans, Budgets”.

In parallel, the programme “Training Technologies for Responding to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Assisting Victims” was jointly developed, under which 25 trainers on CRSV were trained as part of the Summer School of Coaching Skills at the High School.

In 2024, the High School plans to upgrade the skills of 116 public servants under the programme “Conducting Gender Audits in Executive Authorities and Local Governments”, developed jointly with UN Women.

Online courses are also very popular among public servants. The online course “Identifying and Responding to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Assisting Victims” is being successfully implemented, with 3,528 people registered as of 1 April, and 2,613 people have already received certificates of completion.

In addition, the online course “Preventing and Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” will continue in 2023-2024. As of 1 April 2024, 3,283 people were registered for the course, of whom 3,008 received certificates of completion.
“Our active cooperation is yielding very fruitful results,” said the Head of the High School, “UN Women in Ukraine has been a long-standing co-organiser and participant in events and programmes. I especially want to announce our joint project – the educational series “Prominent Personalities of Ukraine in Nation- and State-Building Processes”, which will be presented to the general public very soon. In the near future, we plan to continue joint programmes with UN Women to ensure gender equality, equal rights for women and men, in particular in the context of European integration processes and our country’s acquisition of the status of an EU candidate.”

Thus, in 2024, it is planned to develop and implement training programmes on gender equality and women’s empowerment in the public service, including mentoring programmes as an effective tool for developing women’s leadership in public administration;

gender-oriented budgeting, including training for trainers to expand the expert community on this issue; implementation of European Union standards in the field of gender equality;

In addition, the High School will continue to cooperate with UN Women to organise a seminar on gender issues within the framework of the Richelieu Forum, an International Seminar on Negotiation Process, a Summer School of Coaching Skills, which will include two programmes on gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting, etc.