Online marathon for local self-government bodies: start of training

14.09 2023

On 14 September, the High School of Public Governance launched an online educational marathon “Topical Issues of Local Self-Government”.
The first speakers on the topic “Strategic Planning of Local Development” were Yuliia Lykhach, Director of the High School, PhD in Public Administration, and Maria Plaksenko, Head of Capacity Building at the SURGe Project, PhD in Political Science in National Security.

As the Director of the High School noted during the opening of the online marathon, those who want to move up must constantly improve and learn, and the system of professional training should be focused on the needs of the individual for lifelong professional development. “Therefore, one of the main tasks of the online marathon for local self-government bodies is developing the necessary managerial competencies to create and implement effective local development strategies and projects, as well as to be able to effectively manage communities in the face of modern challenges,” said Yuliia Lykhach.

During this training module, the students considered the regulatory and legal support for regional development planning; development of a local development strategy and strategic planning of regional development in foreign countries.

It should be noted that the project is being implemented by the High School in cooperation with the NAUCS, the Association of Small Cities of Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian Association of Administrative Service Centres.

The training will take place every Thursday on the Supermarket of Solutions platform, where detailed information on each specific module will be available.

It is important to note that a mandatory requirement for obtaining the certificate “Topical Issues of Local Self-Government” is that the participant has completed all the modules of the programme.