New video training course on CRSV

20.11 2023

The High School of Public Governance, together with the Ukrainian Women Lawyers Association “JurFem”, has launched a video training course “Identifying and Responding to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Assisting Victims”.

The project was made possible thanks to the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, the Government Commissioner for Gender Policy, the Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, and with the support of the Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the UK Development Cooperation and the UN Women project “Transformative Approaches to Achieve Gender Equality in Ukraine”, funded by the Government of Sweden.

The course is designed for public servants, local government officials, social workers, and workers who communicate with survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, work in the field of victim assistance, or are responsible for the proper referral of victims to other responsible actors.

The course aims to deepen knowledge on conflict-related sexual violence, sensitive communication with survivors of CRSV, providing quality medical and psychological care, adherence to the principle of “do no harm” and awareness of the importance of coordination and cooperation between agencies and organisations working to combat CRSV and provide assistance to victims.

The video course consists of five modules:
▪️ conflict-related sexual violence as part of deliberate military tactics;
▫️ working with victims of CRSV;
▪️ providing assistance to victims of CRSV;
▫️ activities coordination in the field of prevention, detection and response to CRSV;
▪️ damage compensation programmes: compensation and reparations.

Experts of the video course:

🔸Victoria Karpa, lawyer, head of the centre “JurFem: Education” (training direction of the Association of Women Lawyers of Ukraine “JurFem”).

🔹Svitlana Mykhailyshyn, lawyer, programme manager of the YurFem: Education Centre, trainer on non-discrimination and gender equality.

🔸Marta Pavlyshyn, lawyer, programme manager at the JurFem: Education Centre, trainer on gender equality and non-discrimination.
Khrystyna Kit, head of the Ukrainian Association of Women Lawyers “JurFem”, also a lawyer, works with cases of gender-based violence, including sexual violence, PhD in Law.

🔹Nataliia Radionova, lawyer, mediator, national trainer on the implementation of international standards for the treatment of children in contact or conflict with the law, lawyer at the Kryvyi Rih AIDS Centre of the Dnipro Regional Council, a non-profit municipal enterprise and member of JurFem.

🔸Tetiana Franchuk, psychologist at the SafeWomenHUB online platform.

The course “Identifying and Responding to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Assisting Victims” is available on the training platform of the High School of Public Governance at