Training in tax policy issues

01.08 2023

The High School of Public Governance continues to provide training in tax policy for public servants holding civil service positions of categories B and C.

The purpose of the dveloping programme is developing the professional competences of specialists of the State Tax Service of Ukraine and acquiring practical skills in the issues of the budgetary and tax policy of the modern state and the directions of its implementation.

The special short-term programme “Budgetary and Tax Policy of the Modern State and Areas of its Implementation” has already trained 340 participants.

To date, another 61 public servants will be trained under the special professional (certificate) development programme “Implementation of Strategic Tasks of the State Tax Service of Ukraine Using Modern Methods of Tax Management”.

The programme is aimed at improving the level of professional competence in state regulation of the economy; international and national taxation legislation; implementation of state tax policy and in the areas of activity in accordance with the tasks assigned to the State Tax Service.