Cooperation with the International Association “Interregionovation” (France)

04.03 2024

On March 1, the agreement on partnership and cooperation between the institutions was signed by the Head of the High School Yuliia Lykhach and the President of the International Association InterRegioNovation Tetiana Korneeva.
The purpose of the agreement is to establish cooperation on scientific and practical projects and programmes, jointly conduct scientific and educational events, including international ones, exchange study visits and experience, develop and publish publications, information and methodological materials on public governance and public service. It also provides professional development for public servants and develops proposals for the operation of institutions under martial law in Ukraine.

In addition to promoting research on the development of European regions and countries applying for EU membership, the International Association “Interregionovation” also organises various events with the participation of scientists from France, Latvia and Ukraine, who develop research in the area of convergence of national sciences.