Congratulations on the National Flag Day and Independence Day of Ukraine!

23.08 2023

In August, Ukraine celebrates two major national holidays – National Flag Day and Independence Day. These national holidays are not only a commemoration of the past, but also a confirmation that Ukraine is a sovereign and independent state. During the full-scale war, the whole world saw the bravery and dedication of our people, and we are even more proud to be Ukrainians!

Our blue and yellow flag is a symbol of the courage of many generations of Ukrainians who fought for the independence of their country, an example of the bravery of our defenders, a symbol of resilience and faith in Ukraine’s victory!

Today, the Ukrainian people are paying an incredible price for their independence. And every Ukrainian in his or her place should do everything possible to bring our victory closer! Although there are still many challenges and difficulties ahead, we are now in the process of forming a real Ukrainian state. And we will definitely do it together. Because this is the mission of our generation of Ukrainians!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

The staff of the High School of Public Governance