“Citizens in the EU” Professional development programme

10.08 2023

Registration for the general short-term professional development programme “Citizens in the EU” for civil servants of categories B, C and local government officials will start on 14 August 2023.

Students will be able to raise awareness of the EU’s common values, opportunities for civil society, the basics of key concepts of migration policy and EU law, as well as principles and key concepts related to the development and implementation of anti-corruption policy.
The course will be held remotely and will run from 21 August to 22 September. The total number of participants is 50.

It should be noted that a prerequisite for the programme is a certificate of completion of certain online courses posted on the Natolin4Capacity Building educational platform https://eplatform.natolin4cb.eu/.

For the general short-term training programme “Citizens in the EU”, the following list of online courses on the Natolin4Capacity Building educational platform is provided, which will be part of the training under the relevant programme:

  • EU values and human rights protection
  • Empowering civil society
  • Fighting corruption
  • Integrated EU border management and migration

Link: https://bit.ly/450fGbV